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Mission Accomplished

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment

My talk on OSEE at Eclipse Summit 2009 was a success for me personally. The topic was of course not sexy as the modeling sessions that went on in parallel and through out the day. I hoped, the title “Get Lean with OSEE” would get the attention of some more guys who would think of it as a session on how to burn some fat ;) So it wasn’t really a shock for me when only 11 people turned up (out of which 2 were my colleagues and 2 were my old Bosch colleagues).

Open System Engineering Environment (OSEE) is the only Eclipse based open source tool currently available that could be used in a engineering environment (be it Aeronautics or Automotive) to provide an integrated environment for tools to share a common data model. Purpose of the talk was not really to sell OSEE (which I made it clear during the talk), but to give the results of an evaluation of OSEE we did as part of a research project.

Spending some time on the slides over the weekend wasn’t a bad idea as I could bring some coolness into the talk with this. However, I saw that the people got more interested when I started the demo of the tool (which took three quarters of the time of the total session). There was time for some Q&A in the end where we discussed about the potential of the tool. It was concluded that the tool has great potential, but the inactive newsgroups and disintegrated documentation would drive early adopters away.

The committers need to realize the huge possibilities of “selling” this tool in the Automotive engineering environments (which is much more in Europe than where the makers come from) and work more on “marketing” the tool. Integration of some existing Eclipse technologies as replacement for many self written components could be one way to gain some synergy and get more attention.  Also publishing reliable release plans is very important.

The slides from the presentation can be viewed here: